The Pineal Gland Soul Surfer: Diego Wha

The Pineal Gland Soul Surfer: Diego Wha

Welcome to The Pineal Gland

Here you will be transported to a multidimensional universe full of visions
to reflect on art as a portal to the sacred.
Everything in this blog is magically connected and form a psychedelic story accompanied by a selection of good music for your trip

Select your song, put on your headphones and enjoy the psychedelic audiovisual trip!

-Diego Wha
21 years old
From: Guadalajara, México

I love:
music, films, velvet underground, the doors, joy division, ariel pink, random things and talks,puns, France, NY, lucky strikes, dr. pepper, Karen O, where the wild things are, evil dead, adventure time, arthur rimbaud, william blake, nietzsche, enter the void, chai, the Moon, caleidoscopes, nerf, a Lot of things, art, ART, A.R.T.!!

Sometimes Soul is also a bitch.

Actually always is night

Si Pazuzu viene por ti
Yo escupiré un leopardo

Here cums the mayo
Shake in the cama mama
shake shake my macana

I love Disorder because I can see symbols everywhere.

the c90s - shine a light (flight facilities remix) GTA V Michael’s Trip

This is awesome!

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