last Friday, I had my first experience with psilocybin mushrooms and it was 

The effect of the shrooms took me a long time to appear, so I came up to a roof with a friend and I had to smoke a little weed to enhance the effect. a few seconds of smoking, everything began to be seen in a new dimension and the things around looked more beautiful and everything sounded amazing pace, everything was musical even the simple fact of talk.

Every time my friend said something, I listened in a melodious way , I felt that all things were talking to a very unique rhythm that reminds me of the song  End Of The Night of The Doors combined with some dark psy it was amazing

I think that it was an astral journey because I felt like I was light years ahead of my common consciousness, like I was in the heyday of my life, I felt like an artist surrounded by art

there was a time when my friend and I discovered there was two other men on a roof of a house that was in front of us.

and when we look closely, we feel as if these two people were actually a reflection of ourselves, were doing the same moves that we were doing.

after a while we decided to sit and I began to mourn, in fact, since I sat down I began to feel a mixture of thousand emotions.

and came to me a great desire to mourn, so I got carried away and get to a point where I became a madman who was debugged with dementia all heavy loads would not let me be free in life, all mental locks were wiping, I felt as if a machine was tweaking every part of my being

in some parts of debugging, I felt sadness and then I was crying with happiness and then could not stop laughing, because the situation was becoming comical at times

I just did what I felt I should do, what I really wanted to do at the time and everything worked great

 this trip helped me make sure that mine must be the music and art and gave me very great ideas and showed me the paths that I should choose to move forward in my life and do what I like

I think I had no hallucination, rather what happened was that I come closer to reality

and now I’m ready to start.